making kindness easy.

How it works

We will post all kinds of community needs and help you find the perfect match.

We know you want to help, and we want to make sure you can easily find the right opportunity for you. 

VillageKindness will post all kinds of needs including volunteering opportunities, particular service needs, or item needs.  

We intend to help all kinds of people.  Our need recipients will reflect the diversity within our community ranging from seniors to students, immigrants to impoverished.  

While we learn, we're using a FaceBook page to post all of the San Mateo County non profits we can find that would love your help.

Why VillageKindness?

Many of us are fortunate.

Most of the people that I engage with from my San Francisco Bay Area community, share in my socio-economic good fortune.  

Indeed, the median household income in the city where I live, San Carlos, is $125k. That's 278% higher than our national average and 615% higher than the world's average annual wage! 

More of us are not.

'Just down the street,' there are many more people that live very differently.  Twelve percent of Bay Area residents live below the poverty line ($24,600 for a family of 4).

But my day to day activities don't tend to take me 'down the street.'  And while, I help my neighbors and donate to my kids' schools and international disaster relief efforts, I generally forget about the people 'down the street,' who are also in real need.

VillageKindness can help.

THE GOOD NEWS:  Most of the people at the higher socio-economic levels are eager to help others.

VillageKindness aims to enable that kindness to happen within our communities, all year around, easily, comfortably, and naturally.

Please send us your questions & comments.


San Carlos, California 94070