VillageKindness offers opportunities to help one another within our own communities.

About VillageKindness

My name is Laurel Lee and I live in San Carlos, CA.  This site is the first incarnation of my wish for an app that makes it easy and more natural to help one another within our own communities everyday. As the app usage grows, so will the frequency of helping one another within each community we serve. 

VillageKindness was born in 2017.  In the short term, we are using a pre-set 'store template' for the website.  This means that regardless of how you choose to fulfill each wish, the website will treat it like a product sale.  We hope you'll forgive this clumsiness, as we evolve.

Most of the needs listed have been gathered lovingly by the Family Giving Tree.  We are in the process of partnering with many more agencies to help source more needs, as well as seeking community needs directly from individuals in need in our communities.

I have several goals for this early version of the application:

  1. Make real wishes come true.
  2. Make it easy for you to experience the joy of helping.
  3. Gather more opportunities for kindness (more needs and wishes) of all types to offer, all year around.
  4. Learn how to build a thriving service that enables as much helping and as much joy as possible.

How does VillageKindness support itself?

For now, we are focused on one goal: to increase the amount of helping one another that happens in the communities we serve.

Someday, and we'll let you know when, we  may ask for nominal transaction fees, and/or seek sponsorships from digital retailers to cover the cost of building and maintaining this service.