VillageKindness is actively seeking ways to help more people

Are you a school, community or religious organization?

VillageKindness is a web and mobile app that wants to help you recruit volunteers, and fulfill specific needs. We can help  publicize and recruit for:

  • your gift or food drives
  • special projects
  • volunteer needs
  • other needs (lets be creative)

We are currently focused in the San Francisco Bay Area, but look forward to supporting many communities.

Whether you're seeking specific donations or volunteer services, VillageKindness can help.

VillageKindness is FREE for your non-profit, school or church to use. We'll do all the data entry of the specific needs, and help you publicize and recruit charitable individuals. Why? Because our goal is to provide a service to the community by making it easy and efficient to find ways to be kind - everyday. We're in the process of adding other forms of kindness opportunities, as well as growing our publicity and marketing strategy.  

Want to be a part of VillageKindness?

Great.  We're all about making kindness happen.  If you have ideas, energy, passion or time, you're in the right place. We are a small group of passionate volunteers with big dreams and lots of room to learn and grow.